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Posted: February 24, 2012 in Writing
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Just a quick pop in.


Firstly, I am full of cold, so not been doing much this last couple of days. Starting to miss the writing though! Will be busy next week catching up. Thankfully, I have no deadlines, so can relax on that front.


Also, I may have mentioned my article in another post. Someone (I know her as Baggy Books) mentioned that perhaps, maybe, I should post it to my blog. Then I had a lovely friend (Known as bored_robots) teach me some HTML coding so I could do funky things with the article. Then I had another friend (known as lin treadgold) who looked over said article. She gave me ideas on how to improve it, make it stand out etc. She said my writing was really good, and it wasn’t that that would pose an issue. This made me happy, and gave my confidence a boost. So, the article will not appear on my blog for some time, as otherwise it would be classed as already published. And that wouldn’t be good if I wanted to submit. So you will have to be patient, if you were looking forward to reading about fleas.


And finally, some good news. In my local newspaper, they published my letter! I almost missed it. Thankfully, the Mr had bought the paper the day it was published.


So now, I am going to go and finish watching telly and let this cold get out of my system, so I can be firing on all cylinders again.