Bad Friday

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Writing
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Potato patch 2008

It’s Good Friday, but to me, it is just Friday. And it isn’t Good. More bad.


I am sitting here, realising that the last week has been and gone and I have done……zilch. As far as writing is concerned any way.


This week I have: Been accused of being ‘narky’, met a new person, discussed APD with numerous people (anyone who would listen!), noticed my Potatoes aren’t growing, noticed that my Tomato Plants are!


I have 19 Tomato plants. Tomorrow, I will have to transfer them to the pots I bought today. What am I going to do with 19 Tomato plants? My son said ‘that will be a lot of ketchup!’. He is right!


And who knows, in the next 7 days, I may write something worthy. I do miss it. And I think the lack of writing is what has made me ‘narky’. Him indoors said that when we go on holiday that I must take my writing with me. Too right!


Here is to a more fruitful 7 days.


  1. Hi Sam. I know what you mean. I’ve had a week of doing very little writing, too, and it always leaves me in a bad mood. Let’s hope next week is better for us both.

    Those tomato plants though – when July comes you will have all those delicious fresh home-grown tomatoes to feast on, lovely and sweet – there’s nothing nicer. Summat to look forward to! And any you have left you can boil down, freeze and use for Italian-type sauces over the winter months. Can’t be bad?

    Happy Easter!

    • Sam Perkins says:

      Him indoors suggested something just like that! He said we can use them in our home made spag bol! I know what everyone will be getting for Christmas!

  2. Liz Brownlee says:

    A lot of ketchup? It’ll barely make a teaspoon. There’s a lot of toms in ketchup you know!

    • Sam Perkins says:

      It will make a hell of a lot more than a teaspoon. I make my own ketchup all the time. I only use 0.5-1kg of tomatoes to make about 1 litre of ketchup. Granted, it still isn’t a lot, but with 19 plants…I’ll be kept busy making stuff!

  3. liz young says:

    And then there’s tomato chutney, tomato chilli sauce, tomato soup – just consider yourself lucky you’re not married to my OH, who gets gout if he has more than a small taste of tomato!

  4. Take heart, Sam. We all have bad writing weeks. Just forget it and move on.

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