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I haven’t gone AWOL. I have been thinking of my followers, and there are so many posts I have in mind that will be put up in the next few weeks. But I have been exceptionally busy!



AWOL Helps our Enemies - NARA - 534638

Firstly, I have a job. Granted, it is only Monday’s, but I have been sorting out childcare. It is harder than it sounds! I have also been thinking and developing my Main Character for the current Novel. She now has her own blog. You can find her here.


I heard of character blogs through other writers, and I have heard that it is a good way to develop them. Although she is feeling pretty real to me now, I need to make her even more real. So this will be a fun challenge! I hope it doesn’t take me away from the actual writing of it though.

If you do head on over to my MC’s blog, please do let me know what you think of her first post! It is harder to ‘be’ someone else than it sounds.

Back to normal for me next week. See you all then!


Why bother?




Why do I bother?


This is a question that I asked myself, though at first it wasn’t about writing.


I then realised that it is a very good question to put to writers too.


I am sure that you will all agree, writing is a hard slog at times. You get bored of a character, or the words just won’t flow. Or perhaps that story you wrote 10 years ago has given you ten times as many rejections. And so you think that maybe you aren’t cut out for this. ¬†And you hang your hat up, and throw your pens in the bin.


Only, a day or 10 from that day that you throw your pens in the bin, you feel, well………weird. Your pulse is okay. Your breathing is okay. Your eyes and gums are pink (and if this doesn’t apply to you, go see a doctor. Please!)


So what could be wrong? Then you realise. It has been a while since you wrote. And how you miss it! No wonder you feel like you are dying. Your life blood hasn’t been nurtured.


Then you realise why you bother. Because you need to. You need to write.


Taking a break is good. I have taken one. I have lived a little. And I remember why I bother.


Why do you?