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Monday Morning Minis II

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So, week one of me trying to become a positively productive writer has been and gone and we are on Monday again. Today, I will have to review goals for the week, which also means looking at what I achieved – or not – over the past seven days.


I feel that, on the whole, I succeeded, but time will tell. My biggest problem at the moment is keeping on with the Novel, now that I feel I have started too early on in the story. I also think the whole premise is wrong. The advice ‘Don’t get it right, get it written’ is my mantra as I push through this tough part.


The other question I asked myself is: When to stop?


I have daily to-do’s. If I foresee a busy day ahead in the week, I will try and do more on another day. But if my week is pretty empty as far as other commitments go, when do I stop? This will be a case of trial and error I guess.


I like a tidy house. I don’t have one at the moment, I have been writing a lot. This is a good thing, but I am very stressed at the fact that my house is a mess. Then I re-read this, and I will most definitely be using some of her tips. Again, it will be trial and error.


There are no hard and fast rules in life, but we all get through it, one day at a time.

What works for you?

This could be a bit of a mish mash post.

Firstly, I might up the ante to 3 blog posts a week! Wow! Why? Because whenever I come her on a Friday to add a new one, I notice my stats are flat-lining. So, to increase the stats, I might just post once more every week. Please stay with me and don’t vanish!

It’s been a busy day, and this post is going to be incredibly rushed. In fact, I doubt I will publicise it immediately, due to the fact I have had a busy day! And my mobile phone network has gone down. Not that it is a major issue, but I am a control freak and can’t function unless things are going the way I want them to.

Which brings me, ever so neatly, to the main topic of this post. On Monday I said I had bought the Positively Productive Writer by Simon Whaley (Which is now £4.95 on Kindle, so if you haven’t bought it yet, what are you waiting for?).

I’d done my goals, and in the main, I have achieved a lot of them. But I don’t feel any more productive. I have had a very hectic week though.

The next point Simon makes in his book is about rewards. Now, he doesn’t say when to take these rewards. I do them instantly! I am a bit of a Pavlovian dog in that respect. Today, I have had a manicure, because that was my reward for writing 1000 words of the novel (yes, I did it! 1300 actually.)

Do the rewards help me? Sometimes, yes. Perhaps my rewards are the wrong sort. I also think that I have too many goals. Keeping up with them all is a job in itself. So, I may have to goal each project individually. Yes, my long term goal could be 9 stories. but when it comes to rewards and goals, it should at least be specific to the story. At the end of the time limit, I can see if I have achieved that long term goal.

Next week, I am going to change how I work. I am going to do the chores before I write, as this is something else that I feel is making my writing life pretty chaotic.  Maybe the rewards will be more enjoyable in a clean, organised household. I can all but try!


Do you reward yourself?

I did it! I bought a copy of Simon Whaley’s ‘The Positively Productive Writer’ (available on kindle too!). It inspired me, and spurred me into action.

There is so much sound advice in there, and the main thread of it is to think positively. Okay, so it is going to be tough going, but it will be worth it.

At least now I have something worthy to say. Go buy a copy of the book, have a read, and join me on my journey to being a Positively Productive Writer! I have never wanted rejection so much! (Simon, if you read this, I won’t say no to an advertising fee 😉  )

Any way, I have made a good start, but you probably haven’t. There was something in the book which rung incredibly true for me. I have just been reminded of this as I hear voices on the street outside. When I am working, I am at home. This doesn’t mean that I am available. Sometimes, I welcome distraction, but most the time, I don’t. Does it not annoy you, that because you are ‘only writing’ people think they can bother you? Bother them next time they are at work, see how they like it!

I digress, I have made a good start on the tips and advice in the book, but you probably haven’t. Perhaps you do them already, you just don’t realise that it is a step towards being a positively productive writer.

For those who don’t, I will go slow, by starting off with goals. Yes, everyone has them on some level, but do they work for you? Probably not, if you feel disheartened and unmotivated.

Goals need to be measurable, and obtainable. I have long, medium and short term goals. My long term goals are the biggies, like write a novel, write 12 short stories etc. It’s easy to see why at the end of a week, or even a month, I get disheartened and think I am a useless writer who should give up now. So I broke them down into my medium term goals: Write 11111 words a month on the novel. That is a helluva lot of words! And it isn’t any wonder I would get disheartened after a day or a week. So then, I broke it down into a short term goal. Something to aim for by the end of the week, if not the day. Write 335 words a day! Wow! I can actually do that! I really can!

So now, I don’t feel as overwhelmed. And I face each day more motivated. I feel more productive, and more positive.

What are your goals?