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Hearing exam

It is evening now, and I have only just got around to writing this blog post.


I can’t say that it is because I have been tapping away at the computer, compiling a masterpiece. No, it is the first day of the Easter Holidays.


I have been so busy with motherly stuff today that no writing (other than this blog post) has been done.


So, in the spirit of straying from the Norm, I will talk about the troubles that have been happening surrounding my son.


Ever since he could talk, there has been something not quite right with my boy. He was supposed to be referred at 2 and a half to a paediatrician, but as we moved away, this never happened. Since then, health professionals and care providers have noticed issues with his speech, and his ability to make sense of words. A hearing test showed he could hear. He was branded a boy that doesn’t listen.


We have struggled with this for so many years, and it was only a chance conversation that led me to the possibility of Auditory Processing Disorder. Yeah, I never heard of it either.

So off I went, back to the doctors. He commissioned a hearing test. My son passed. That was that. My son can hear, so he is just seeking attention.


I cried. For days. APD is not an inability to hear, more a processing issue (the clue is in the name!). Thinking I was imagining all the problems, I looked through his red book. There, in black and white, aged 2 years and 1 month, my son is noted as having a problem. At 2 years and 5 months, a note saying ‘plan to refer for full assessment’. We moved. At 3 years, noted an issue with comprehension.


At school, aged 4, the Special Needs teacher came and said that he was struggling hearing. First test came back okay. Two years later, the same test came back okay. I asked the teachers for backup. They say there isn’t a problem any more. He just doesn’t listen. This is despite the fact that during a meeting not that long ago they said they experienced the same issues I do……..


So now, I am left wondering….what next? Do I fight? Or do I hope he grows out of it?

If you are struggling, just like me, visit this site. It has helped me no end so far.